Why Your Business Needs Reputation Marketing

30August 2021

There are many reasons why your business needs reputation marketing


Reputation marketing is a powerful tool for businesses. It’s the most effective way to build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, improve conversion rates, and drive more leads into your funnel. It is easy to get started with reputation marketing because there are so many different ways you could use this tactic in your business. So how do you know which one will work best? And what should you focus on first if you want to see results fast?

Here are some statistics for reputation marketing

  • 67% of all customer reviews are written on Google.
  • 45% of review requests were sent through text messaging in 2020.
  • Retail businesses sent more review requests than any other industry in 2020.
  • In 2020, the average open rate for review request emails was 69%

Reputation marketing can help boost your salesWhy Your Business Needs Reputation Marketing

It’s not to hard to see why your business needs reputation marketing

Businesses that have a reputation marketing strategy are able to build their brand and reputation. They can also increase sales, increase profits, and improve customer service. Reputation is the most important thing for a business because it’s what people think about you when they hear your name or see your company logo on something like an advertisement. If someone has heard of your company before and thinks highly of them then this will help with increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.

Use Google My Business for Reviews

I great way to start your reputation marketing strategy is to have customers leave reviews on your business GMB or Google My Business. This allows potential clients to read about your services and products online.

There are a number of ways to ask your customers to leave reviews:

1) Ask them directly – You can send out email messages asking your customers to write reviews. If you don’t receive enough positive feedback from these emails, try sending another message after a few days.

2) Use social media – Posting pictures of happy customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., will encourage others to share those posts as well.

3) Create a special offer – Offer discounts or freebies to customers who post photos of themselves using your product/service

Share your Customer Reviews on Your Website

Adding customer reviews to your website helps make sure that potential clients know about all the things that you do well. This includes everything from how easy it was to get a hold of you to whether or not you were responsive to questions. If there are any problems with your services or products, having these comments posted will help better understand your customers needs.

You should always try to add at least one review per month. Customers say that reviews more than 3 month old are not considered. Furthermore, a lack of response to a good or bad review is considered a negative for customers looking online to make a purchase.

Google offers a free portal to businesses to manage their reviews but as you can imagine, most business owners are to busy running their business and do not have time to manage their reviews. For this reason It might be best to hire an agency that works with reputation marketing to manage your reviews

It easy to see why your business needs reputation marketing based on all the facts we have presented.


Reputation marketing can be a great way to grow your exposure in the local market. Having a system in place for your customers to easily add a review is key. By adding reviews and marketing your reputation you can increase your Google rankings, increase your CTR, and increase your sales.

If you would like to learn more about how you can implement reputation marketing as part of your marketing strategy click here Reputation Marketing.

If you would like to learn more about “why your business needs reputation marketing” and how you can easily implement this powerful marketing strategy click the link  Reputation Marketing.

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18February 2021

What is Reputation Marketing for Local Businesses?

Should I use reputation marketing as a way to attract more customers to my business?

Reputation marketing is a strategy that involves collecting good reviews from your customers and remarketing those reviews on social media platforms, and web 2.0 properties.  These good reviews will help to build trust for your brand in the local market. Having good reviews will attract new customers to your business and increase your sales.

Reputation marketing strategies for local businesses.

There are a lot of different strategies businesses can use to market their good reputation.

Here are 3 main area’s a good reputation marketing strategy should address.

  • Managing Your Reputation
  • Building Your Reputation
  • Marketing Your Reputation

Here are some eye opening stats

Millennials trust online reviews as much as friends and family 91%
Consumers don’t trust reviews older than three months 77%
Consumers read businesses' responses to reviews 89%
Consumers say reviews “very important” when choosing a business 67%
Consumers would leave a review if asked 50%

So, as you can see, your business reputation has actually become part of the buying process for consumers from start to finish.

Whether you participate or not…

When you consider the amount of trust that consumers have for business with reviews, it almost seems foolish not to have a reputation marketing system in place.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation consists of collecting and responding to your good and sometimes not-so-good comments or reviews left by your customers on the various directories.

As we stated earlier,

“89% of consumers read BUSINESSES RESONSES to reviews.”

Customers want to know that you are engaged with them. They appreciate it when you respond to their raving reviews about your business.

On the other hand, it looks kind of weird when you have great reviews and at a minimum, no one says, “Thank you…”

Reputation Marketing

Building your online reputation

Building your reputation in the local market by collecting good reviews can be easy and is a great way to gain more online exposure. The key is having a system that collects the reviews for you.

A good system will notify your customer at a specific time after the buying process to leave a review on a specific directory, depending on what directories you have set up, and where the review is needed.

It is always a good idea to provide your customers a way to leave a review rather than having them go directly to your GMB or Yelp. This will allow you to create an email list of your customers that left a review for your business.

Capturing reviews can be done through your website, text message, email, or sign-in page depending on the type of business you have. If you are a brick and mortar you might have a sign-in form on a tablet on your counter.

If your business requires you to go to the customer like plumbing, electrician, or contractor, then perhaps a text message with an email follow would be best.

5 Star Reviews

Marketing Your Reputation

Displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%

Ok, let’s talk about marketing your reputation.

Here are some of the ways you can market your online reputation.

We like to say,

“The Best Form of Content You Can Market Is, Your Own REPUTATION.”

Statistics also show that 77% of users would leave a review if asked…

Think about it…That’s HUGH! Almost 8 out of 10 of your next customers would be willing to leave you a review!

The key is to have a system that will market to your customers around the time of purchase as well in the future ALL on “AUTO-PILOT.”

A great place to start is with your current client database. If you do not have a list, then this is a great time to start creating a list with a sign-in form for new customers. You will be surprised at how fast you can grow your list AND reviews!